1. After a price has been agreed for the supply and install of the underfloor heating system or required stages, a date and time for the installation to commence will be agreed. This will be confirmed by either an email, phone call or text message.
  2. All estimates are based on the installation of underfloor heating pipe to be installed, manifold mounted on the wall and the system connected to the manifold. We will then fill and pressure test it. Any works from the manifold back to the heating system can be arranged with tradesmen recommended by us, or alternatively you can employ your own.
  3. Any amendments to your original order will need to be made by email or in writing, when the estimate can be adjusted accordingly.
  4. All estimates are provided free of charge and with no obligation to proceed. All estimates will be based on the information made available at the time and could be subject to change under certain circumstances. In such cases, Surrey Underfloor Heating will contact you to discuss the change in estimate before proceeding with further work.
  5. All materials come with manufacturers guarantee. A written guarantee will not be required as all records of work carried out and materials purchased are stored by Surrey Underfloor Heating should an issue arise.
  6. Payment should be made in full by either bank transfer or cash payment within 24 hours of receiving your invoice, this is generally sent by email on site on completion of agreed works.
  7. Surrey Underfloor Heating may require a deposit to be made prior to the order being placed with the supplier. Once an order has been placed, the deposit may not be refundable if you then decide not to proceed with the works agreed.
  8. A skip or alternative rubbish bin will need to be provided onsite for waste or left over materials.

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