Properties have different types of floor construction which affects the way that underfloor heating is fitted and sometimes producing slightly different results. Featured below is a bit of information on each.

Screeded Floor Construction

In screeded floors, the screed acts to spread the heat within the area that the underfloor heating has been installed, providing an even temperature at floor level and then continuing to rise throughout the room.

Depending on the type of building, construction or standards, there are a number of methods for laying underfloor heating pipes in screeded floor structures, but clipped directly to the insulation underneath is the best option.

We recommend using liquid screed as there is a much better thermal output due to the fact that the screed completely encapsulates the pipes.

Between Joists

For joisted floors, a 50mm insulation board is cut for a tight fit between the joists. It is advisable to use battens fixed to the sides of the joists to support the insulation from below.

The pipe is then laid on top of the insulation with plastic pipe staples and nail clips in notches where the pipe crosses the joists. It is advised not to leave too much air space between the insulation boards and floor boards as this air gap should be filled with a light weight screed mix. This gives the floor thermal mass and reduces any clicking sounds from the pipework. In some case, we may advise to use heat deflector plates in this build up.

Floor boards are then laid back over the joists.

The pipe can also be laid over decked timber suspended floors but using battens to achieve this installation will raise the floor finish by roughly 25mm.

Floating Floor

A floating floor is the best type for retro-fitting underfloor heating because its easy to install and doesn't add much to the overall floor height.

With a floating floor, additional insulation is added over the existing flooring to meet Building Regulations. In most situations we are able to use a heat-diffuser plate which is attached to a high-density polystyrene base layer that can be laid directly on the existing floor.

Once a panel with diffuser plate is laid and the floor heating tube pressed in, chipboard or the final timber floor can be laid.

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