Floor preparation is one of the most critical stages to get right, especially if you are having liquid screed on top of your underfloor heating. If the preparation is not correct when the screed is poured, it could start lifting the insulation. If it is not water tight, you could risk screed seeping into gaps resulting in more screed needing to be ordered. It can also have a chemical reaction with the insulation if there are parts not covered and made water tight with tape and DPM.

If you only need assistance with the floor preparation stage for your project, we are happy to offer all or just one of:

Concrete Sub-base Insulation

Installation of insulation on top of the sub-base. In some cases, you may need a damp proof membrane between the sub-base and insulation.

Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)

Installation of DPM throughout a proposed area.

Foam Edge Insulation

Installation of foam edge insulation.

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